The Indianapolis Rowing Center provides rowing programs to underprivileged youth in the Public School system through our RowIndy Program.  Our Mission is to provide rowing to youth and adults of all social and economic backgrounds.  Students come to the boathouse in Eagle Creek Park for on the water rowing experience in April and May.  

Rowing exposes the students to higher education opportunities and scholarships at the collegiate level. Rowing also provides the opportunity to improve their physical fitness and communication, while emphasizing teamwork.

The RowIndy Program at the Indianapolis Rowing Center is part of our Outreach efforts.  RowIndy provides rowing opportunities to low income students (65-85% free/reduced-priced lunch programs) of Indianapolis Public Schools.  Rowing is a great way to improve their physical fitness and overall health, in addition to improving their communication skills.  The students also learn about teamwork, time management, leadership, all while exposing them to higher-education opportunities and scholarships. 

Contact Us

The Indianapolis Rowing Center boathouse is located inside Eagle Creek Park on Eagle Creek Reservoir.  The IRC director maintains an office in the Eagle Creek Park Office Building.

Boathouse Address- No packages

7350 Eagle Beach Drive 

Indianapolis, IN 46254

(317) 991-1829

IRC Director's Office- Packages

Andrew Purdie, Executive Director

7840 W. 56 St. Indianapolis, IN 46254

(317) 327-7100

Postal Address

Indianapolis Rowing Center

PO Box 53223

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