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  • 12 Jan 2016 11:58 PM
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    This Friday, January 15th we will be doing a make-up 2K at practice.  On Saturday, January 30th we will be having our annual Indy Indoor Sprints, another opportunity to do a 2K.  One question I got this week was, how do you prepare the week before a 2K.  The answer is one I think many people would be interested in.  I generally like to follow a plan similar to the one below, modifying it slightly to account for our practice schedule.

    Day -7 (1 week before test) : This is a fairly high intensity day which can either be a hard steady state of around an hour or a shorter interval style workout.

    Day -6 : This is another high intensity day.  If you opt for a steady state workout on the previous day, this should be an interval workout.  If you opt for an interval on the previous day, then go with a hard steady state.  

    The goal would be to do your most intense work on these two days and be very tired. With proper nutrition and rest your body should come back stronger well in advance of the test.

    Day -5/-4 : One day (preferably -5) should be a light to moderate steady state of about 45 minutes.  You can work in a couple of sprint segments if you feel like it but the majority of the focus should be technical.  The other day (preferably -4) should be a rest day.  Get proper nutrition and rest on this rest day.

    Day -3 : This is a hard and short day, done at or near race pace.  An aggressive option is a 4x1000m with 4 minutes rest.  A more conservative option would be either a 2x1000m with 4 minutes rest or 500m/1000m/500m sequence with 3 minutes rest. This is a good reality check for where you will be on race day and really gets your mind set of the upcoming test.

    Day -2 : Rest or light work.  If you did 4000m on day -3 I'd sit this one out.  If you did 2000m on day -3 then do 20 to 30 minutes at steady state pace with no sprint work. Nutrition and rest should be the focus.

    Day -1 : You should do 20 - 30 minutes of light work (slower than typical steady state) with 3 to 4 20 stroke sections at your race pace.  

    Day 0 : Race day

    Throughout the preparation week you really need to focus on nutrition and rest. Drink lots of water and maintain your hydration.  I don't necessarily suggest carb loading since our races are generally 8 minutes or less.  You can increase the carbs slightly in the days leading up to a race but shouldn't take this as an opportunity to pig out on pasta.  Maintaining a balanced diet that features lean proteins as well as carbs will provide your body with the necessary fuel for the race.

    On race day in the morning I like a combination of carbs (preferably from grains, not pure sugar) and lean protein.  A carb focused meal will take 3-4 hours to digest and a protein focused mean will take slightly longer.  You want to make sure you eat in this window so you have sufficient available energy.  If you can't make this schedule work an energy bar or other snack about 2 hours before the event can help maintain sufficient energy.  Avoid caffein and stay hydrated with water.  Due to the short duration of our events, fortified sports drinks are not needed.  

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