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  • 18 Aug 2015 12:47 PM
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    Rowing is a challenging sport in that we work tremendously hard every day in practice and really only get a handful of chances each season to compete and reap the benefits of that hard work.  It gets difficult at times to maintain the intensity during long stretches of training when we lose site of the goals that are driving us to train in the first place.

    With nearly 80 kids on the team, goal setting is challenging.  Each individual athletes comes with a set of objectives of their own.  These can range from simply having fun with friends to becoming good enough to get recruited to a top tier school.  The goal I have as a coach and that is part of the IRC mission, is to make sure that everybody that wants to row has an opportunity to learn to love the sport.  Part of that success needs to be having individual personal goals met.

    However this is a team sport and we also have to have team goals that we are all working together to strive to meet.  Jen and I want to see our junior program annually competitive in grand finals at midwest juniors.  This isn't to say that having kids meet their personal goals is less important, nor is it more important.  We have multiple objectives we'd like to meet.  

    The great thing is, with 80 kids we have a lot of flexibility and can do a lot to provide varied experiences for individuals with different objectives.  The key to being successful at this is to make sure that we (the coaches, the parents, and the athletes) understand these personal goals.  To that end, the varsity today will be bringing home some "homework."  They will be receiving a sheet that asks them to identify their personal goals for the season and the year and what they believe the team goals should be for this season and year.  It also asks them to begin to envision what it will take to achieve those goals.

    This process of goal setting will be something we work on weekly with the varsity.  Last year I noticed a disconnect in a lot of situations between stating a goal and a willingness to do the work to meet the goal.  After we have an opportunity to look at the various individual goals that have been expressed, we will begin looking at what it will take to achieve those goals.

    Hopefully, when training gets tough, athletes can look back at this and remind themselves why they are out here.  This will also help me and the other coaches when are are working with individuals, pushing them to meet goals that they have set for themselves and not goals that have been imposed by others.

    Don't get me wrong, I do intend to push the kids.  I certainly don't want kids stating easy to achieve goals simply because that means they won't have to work.  I plan on interacting with the rowers and really pushing them to push themselves and others.  This is after all a team that has an organizational objective of increasing our competitiveness regionally.  We will continue to work with the rowers, developing a competitive spirit within the team while maintaining and growing the positive attributes of teamwork and friendship that have always characterized IRC juniors.

    Over the course of the year we will come back to these goals, perhaps adjust them, and always keeping them in front of us as we work. I encourage parents to spend a little time with their athletes making sure that you understand what your child wants to achieve with rowing.  At the end of the season I hope that each rower can truthfully say that they achieved what they set out to achieve this year.  If all members of the team do this then the visible measures of success, medals and speed, will come naturally.


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