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  • 03 Jun 2015 10:40 PM
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    The goal of having fun at summer rowing still stands, but there are a number of rowers that have asked about a workout plan that will help them maintain or improve their 2K erg times over summer.  This fall I will not penalize rowers who don't do a summer training program, but 2K and 6K times will still be used as one component of our boating decisions and if you are interested in improving these times this summer, the following plan should help you out.

    The summer plan has two components, intensity and duration.  Everybody that works on a summer plan will share the same intensity goals based on your goal 2K times.  Duration is a flexible amount that you can chose based on your objectives.

    The winter training program is a good starting point for your summer efforts.  I have attached a copy of the guide to this post so you can review it.

    For novice rowers and those entering their first year of varsity that have not worked through an intense workout cycle, the 3-day a week workout plan in this document should be enough to help you begin to develop the base level of fitness needed for competitive rowing.  For varsity rowers looking to maintain or moderately improve their 2K the 6-day a week workout plan would be the one you want to follow.  In both these cases, on-the-water rowing at JSR would count for the workout if the effort expended at JSR is similar to the effort you'd have expended on the erg, in other works the duration has to be the same and you need to come off the water tired.

    For varsity rowers looking to make significant 2K improvements you should be rowing JSR each morning (or doing some other non-rowing activity like biking or running) AND doing the 6-day workout on the erg.

    I can't stress enough that intensity is the key.  If you are going to lighten up one of these plans, do so by reducing the time, not the intensity of the workout.  You have to push yourself beyond what you are capable of in order to see improvement.  

    For those of you wishing to do erg workouts in addition to or instead of JSR at the boathouse, please let me know.  You are welcome to use the ergs at the boathouse if you have paid for one of the summer programs and either Katie or I are at the boathouse at the time your are doing the workout.

    If you'd like to develop a specific workout plan based on this and review it with me, I would be more than happy to do so.  Just let me know.

    Winter Training Guide 1.0.pdf

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