Executive Director
Andrew Purdie - andrew@indyrowing.org, 317-327-7100

Junior Coaches
Emmanuel Pagan, Head Coach - emmanuel.pagan@indyrowing.org, 317-654-2769
Joe Gallagher, Varsity Men - joe.gallagher@indyrowing.org
Eric Stoll, Novice Women - estoll@sbcglobal.net, 317-840-8305
Caleb Corey, Novice Men - aero211@gmail.com  
Emma Creveling, Assistant - emma.creveling@indyrowing.org

Competitive Masters Coaches
Courtney Chan - courtney.chan@indyrowing.org, 317-442-2931
Dana Urbanek - dana.urbanek@indyrowing.org
Mackenzie Dafferner - 

Recreational Masters Coaches
Sue Gath - Head Coach, sue.gath@indyrowing.org, 317-313-6687
Chris Gibson, chris.gibson@indyrowing.org, 317-840-3795
Dan Hoyniak - dan.hoyniak@indyrowing.org

Adaptive Rowing Coaches
Ryan Hurd - ryan.hurd@indyrowing.org, 317-519-3659
Jen Floyd - jen.floyd@indyrowing.org
Mackenzie Dafferner - mackenzie.dafferner@indyrowing.org
Sue Gathsue.gath@indyrowing.org, 317-313-6687

Contact Us
The Indianapolis Rowing Center boathouse is located inside Eagle Creek Park on Eagle Creek Reservoir.  
The IRC director maintains an office in the Eagle Creek Park Office Building.

Boathouse Address - no packages
7350 Eagle Beach Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46254
(317) 991-1829   

IRC Directors Office - packages
Andrew Purdie, Executive Director
7840 W. 56th St.
Indianapolis, IN  46254

Postal Address
Indianapolis Rowing Center 
PO Box 53223
Indianapolis, IN  46220
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