Juniors Practice Plan

All rowers in their first year of rowing, practices weekdays Monday thru Friday at the Eagle Creek Boathouse. Novices are welcome to join Saturday practices with the varsity if they would like but this is not required.

 4:00 - 4:30Practice preparation.  Official practice doesn't start until 4:15, but rowers are expected to be ready
to start at that time.  It is advised to arrive early if possible to change into practice clothes and to help
prepare for practice by taking oars down to the docks and setting up launches.  This is also a great 
time to socialize with teammates before the practice session begins.
 4:30 - 4:45Dynamic Warmup. We will continue with a full team (varsity and novice) dynamic warmup
each day at practice. 
 4:45 - 4:50Pre-practice boat meeting.  The coaches like to set lineups and go over the practice each day.  This
meeting helps assure that everybody understands what will be happening at practice.  It also helps
keep dock congestion down by allowing the varsity boats to launch and get out of the way. 
 4:50 - 6:10On the water.  Boats will be on the water for slightly over an hour.  We will be scheduling groups
back for recovery in order to avoid the long waits we have had in the past for dock space.
 6:10 - 6:30Boat meeting and put-away.  The rowers will meet with their coaches to go over what occurred
during practice.  Rowers will be expected to put away any equipment that they used during practice
and to help break down launches if required. 

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