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Attendance Policy

Attendance is critical for all rowers in order for them to develop the individual technique and fitness to be an accomplished rower.  It is also important that rowers are able to row together to develop the synchronization that is so critical to successful rowing.  However, we realize that for many of our team members, rowing is but one of numerous activities and commitments.  In the past, attendance has not been closely tracked and missing practice has not had a significant impact.  This has led to a great deal of confusion about what attendance expectations are.  We are adopting a very simple policy this year and will evaluate it at the end of the year.

  • All rowers should strive to attend 90% of all practices if at all possible.  
  • Excused absence from practice will not count against you when determining your attendance and will be granted on a case-by-case basis.  We will be publishing guidelines for what constitutes an excused absence prior to the call out meeting.  We will also communicate the process for getting an absence excused.  Saturday practice is required for varsity.
  • When granting an excused absence, coaches may require an additional fitness workout to be completed.
  • Rowers whose attendance level is not above 80% will not be boated at regattas.  In this past this has be a very loosely followed guideline.  This year we will be adhering to it very explicitly.  You must meet the 80% requirement to row.
  • Rowers who are using participation in rowing for physical education credit at their high school must meet the 80% attendance requirement and may only miss one regatta in a season in order to have the coaching staff sign off on their participation.  When high schools have explicit guidelines for participation that differ from this requirement, the high school guidelines will be followed.
  • With the exception of those rowers wishing to compete for seats in 1v4, 2-, 2x and 1x entries, attendance will not be used as a factor in determining boating (provided the 80% requirement is met).  Coaches will evaluate the performance of an athlete using many inputs when determining boat assignments.
  • For rowers wishing to be compete in 1v4, 2-, 2x and 1x boats the attendance requirement will be 90%.  Additionally, rowers wishing to participate in any of these boats must complete one fitness session during each practice.  This can be accomplished by following the black plan or by following the red plan and sticking around for the optional fitness session.
  • Varsity rowers that attend late releasing high schools should plan on following the black plan.  Rowers that are not ready to go on the water by 4:45 will be required to practice on the ergs for the day.  Late arriving varsity athletes that wish to remain eligible for the 1v4, 2-, 2x and 1x events must stick around for the optional fitness session daily.

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